A queer priest on leaving his evangelical church & making faith more inclusive

After going through conversion therapy, marrying a woman and having children, Pip came out as gay. He’s now an Anglican priest who’s breaking new ground with queer-focused services at his church.

Here I Am (short documentary)

“Coming out” can be a difficult time for Christian families, individuals and those close to them. They often feel completely alone in the world. In this documentary, Australian parents, children, partners, couples and supporting pastors and psychologists speak from the heart about the experience of coming out in a Christian environment. They discuss the importance of faith, the difficulties of coming out in families and the church, solutions to the problems, their best advice for others, and hope for the future.

Voices of Witness: Out of the Box

(short documentary from the Episcopal Church of the USA)

A documentary giving voice to the witness of transgender people of faith courageously telling their stories of hope, healing and wholeness.